Could Gustaaf Pape, the Belgian composer, have known that 59 years after his death, his great-grand-grandson Tim would also dedicate his life to music? Is it a coincidence that much of the sheet music and old music books that Gustaaf used for study and performance would in the mid 80's end up in the home of the little six year old boy?

While young Tim enjoyed filling his days with reading comic books and drawing, he was far too curious to ignore that gigantic pile of music. With time Tim figured out himself what these strange symbols and lines on the paper meant while  playing on the old piano that once belonged to his great-grandmother. Tim loved trying to play the melodies he heard on the radio, but most of the time he just took a book from the towering pile of Gustaaf’s music and tried to figure out what wonders were hidden in those pages. Sometimes he tried to play difficult pieces from mysterious composers like Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, Haydn, Clementi. He loved books with weird titles like 'Salonmusik' with far too many notes but enjoyable melodies. Soon he was able to read notes and got addicted to playing fresh music, altough most of the compositions were hundreds of years old.

When he was seven, Tim decided to learn playing the saxophone. He did not know why. But his mother took him to music school, were he enjoyed a great part of his youth learning about music. He adored playing sax, but never ever stopped playing the piano and feed his ears and soul with marvelous classical melodies.

When he was 16, he found a Harry Connick Jr. CD on his coffee table. Neither his mom or dad knew where the CD came from. Tim listened to it a thousand times and there developed his love for jazz and bigband. Tim fed this love for jazz playing in a jazzquartet with his uncle, who played the bass, Fellow musicians in the band helped him come to know what all these strange jazzchords and scales where meant for.

At 18, he decided to become a jazzmusician, but he loved classical music so much that he took classical saxophone classes at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels. Five years later he got his master's degree in classical music and then  immediatly inrolled for jazz courses at the same Conservatory. His instructors included great musical minds like Norbert Nozy, Kris Defoort, Jeroen Van Herzeele, John Ruocco, Erwin Vann, David Linx, Toots Thielemans, Bert Joris, Leon L'hoëst, Bart Bouckaert and many more.

Tim became a bigbandleader when he was 21, a dream come true. He has also experience playing and singing in different kinds of bands and orchestra's: metal, folk, rock, coverbands, big bands, concert bands, choirs.

Tim lives in Aalst, Belgium, with his beautiful wife Kathelijne and adorable kids Otto-Lou, Lily and Juliette. His family are his greatest inspiration for his arts.

Tim started composing simple melodies and pieces when he was 12 and has never stopped. While Tim leads a 'double life' as a cartoonist and illustrator, he always returns to his music, his time to sing, play the saxophone or the piano, for one simple reason: the sheer joy of it!



Working on a new great music/theater project with writer Anna Carlier. A story about a boy who is looking for his musical identity and

travels through an imaginary world with all kinds of music genres. Concept by Tim Acke & Anna Carlier, music and artwork by Tim Acke.


Tim Acke and The Foo Birds

Vocal jazz crooner style music with vocalist Tim Acke, accompanied by a sextet (drums, piano, bass, trumpet, saxophone, trombone)

Legacy, official Michael Jackson tribute band

A spectacular live show with the music of Michael Jackson, with costumes, dance and illusions.

Tim Acke is artistic director, arranger and keyboard/saxophone

Satin Swingers

Retro-style vocal jazz with the spirit of the Andrew Sisters. Three female singers, bass, drums, with Tim Acke on piano

Q-Some Bigband

A marvelous Belgian big band project with music by Maria Schneider, Bob Brookmeyer, Bill Holman, Peter Herbolzheimer

With Tim Acke on tenorsax. www.qbb.be

Sadig Group

Music inspired by North african culture, mixed with jazz influences. Ud, double bass and Tim Acke on soprano saxophone.

Chunk Of Funk

Crazy bunch of funky people playing the music of Tower Of Power. With Tim Acke on tenor saxophone.

Guy's Bitches

A coverband with Soul! Three female singers, five horns and a lot of funky soul music and contemporary pophits. Artistic direction

and arrangements by Tim Acke.

Super Awesome Bigband

Big Band conducted by Tim Acke

Tim Acke Septet - When Jazz Eats Itself

Music composed for dance.

Music by Tim Acke

Choreography by Marie Rondot


Tim Acke is arranger and band leader of the official Belgian

Michael Jackson Tribute Band


Sadig Group is a beautiful project that brings artists with a different musical background together. Starting from traditional melodies from Sudan, mixed with European jazz influences. Music composed by Sadig Siakh Eldin and Tim Acke.